Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 A Year in Review

I did this last year... and I thought it worked well, so I am going to do it again (and probably every year).

It's the titles of a few posts from each month of the year.... that quickly sum up 2008 in a nutshell! If you only joined me half way through the year, this may be a good way to catch up on what you missed, and if you have been a faithful reader all along... this is just a quick refresher of what we've been through via this blog, during the past year.

So ... here we go, a quick look at 2008...:

-2008, The Year of Getting What I Want
-Mamma Mia
-Update from Sunny Punta Cana (Toubi & Vicki's Wedding)

-Rascal Flatts Concert
-Ba-hum-bug!(rant on Christmas lights)
-Déjà 20 ans! (Elizabeth Manley wins Olympic silver)

-The Big Storm
-T.O isn't such a bad place after all (trip to see good friends)
-It was a good Friday indeed! (Carrie Underwood concert)
-A picture is worth a thousand words! (Baby Coleman is on the way)

-Throwing Caution to the Wind
(our decision to start a family)
Random Grocery Store Sighting (spotted by one of my readers!)
-Baby Belly # 1 (first belly pic)
-Second Look at Baby Coleman (ultrasound #2)
-Grandparents are a gift
! (remembering my grandparents)

-Prenatal Classes
-Baby Belly Update
-Back from the Big Apple (our trip to NYC)

-A trip to Yankee Stadium
-Snapshots from Halifax
-A new addition to the family (our new Escape)
-Here's a tip (find out the sex of the baby!)

-Belly Update #3
-And the rings come off!
-PC's Big 3-0 Party!
-Baby Coleman @ 30 weeks
-A letter to my first born
-King-Nelles Wedding, Evolution of Dance

-I thought breastfeeding was the cheaper option

-Belly Update 36 weeks
-Not working... weird (maternity leave begins)
-Presenting Baby Coleman's Bedroom Suite
-The last child free anniversary (PC & I celebrate our 3rd Ann.)
-Overdue: Day 1

-Our New Baby Boy!
-My Labour Story
-Happy Halloween (E's first)

-Things I have learned in a month (E is 1 month old)
-Phantom Crying
-Easy my ass!

-Household appliance meltdown
-2 months and counting
-Malls, strangers, and shopping with a baby!
-Christmas Traditions
-Merry Christmas

Well... there you have it! 2008 here and gone. It was an exciting year... there have been lots of highs this year ... a trip down south, finding out PC and I were having a baby, our trip to New York City, pregnancy in general but none as exciting as the arrival of my baby boy, and and being a new Mom... nothing will compare to 2008 for these reasons, but I am looking forward to 2009 and everything it has to offer!

Cheers to '09!

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