Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Grocery Store Sighting

Earlier in the week I was picking up some groceries to make an appetizer for a spring potluck at work. As I was navigating my way through the my local grocery store in Embrun... I did notice a mother with her young son.

The little boy was being like what I am imagine any pre-schooler to be like... excited by the thought of all the colourful products at eye level... and wanting to touch and try everything in sight. As I observed this, I was thinking to myself 'get ready for this'!

As I finished up my shopping, I got in line and was waiting to pay while browsing through the weekly Soap Opera digest. The same mother and her son were in line ahead of me paying. Just as they are finished, the mother and I have the following conversation:

Mother: Excuse me? Do you have a blog?
Me: (totally taken off guard, and much to my surprise) Ah... yes I do.

Mother: I thought I recognized you.
Me: Ah... I guess you read it.

Mother: Yes...
Me: (speechless.... people in Embrun are reading my blog, oh god!).

Mother: By the way, Congratulations!
Me: (blushing) Oh... thank you.

Mother: This is pretty random eh...?
Me: (laughing) yes for sure.

And just like that she and her son exited the grocery store while I paid for my groceries.

What a random sighting it was.... I could not believe it. I was in complete shock that people (
okay - one person that I know of) from Embrun are reading my blog... I will have to be careful now, as I like to cut up the neighbourhood every once and while - and hopefully when I have done that I haven't offended her in the past!

I think what shocked me the most was that.... when she asked if I had a blog, I contemplated saying no... as I thought she might put me on the spot on a certain issue I had covered... but thankfully she was super nice, and more complimentary than anything!

I feel so badly that I didn't even think to ask this woman her name. So... if you are by chance reading this post today random shopper lady, please do leave a comment and let me know who you are... perhaps you've commented before and now I will be able to attach a face to a name.

As a side note, when I got home to PC.... this is how the story went:

Me: Guess What?

PC: No idea.

Me: I'm a celebrity....!!!

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