Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Belly Update - 36 Weeks!

Well a few of you have been emailing me on the side and leaving some comments asking for a belly shot update.

I didn't get time to do the bare belly shot, but while at the cottage this weekend, my BFF (Kristy) took a few pics of me... and PC too, for your viewing pleasure.

This is the belly at exactly 36 weeks, less than 4 weeks to go now until my official due date - I can hardly believe it

I can also hardly believe that it is officially September... back in January, I never thought September would ever get here, and now that it has I have a feeling its going fly by!

Anyways... back to the photos that some of you have been long awaiting!

As well... since the weather the cottage was soooo beautiful all weekend, I couldn't resist posting this one of the gorgeous sunset on the Georgian Bay.

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