Monday, July 21, 2008

PC's Big 3-0 Party!

Well... PC's 30th birthday party has been here and gone - and if I had to sum it up in my own words, I would say it was a HIT! Everything went fairly smoothly! Friday night I was a little skeptical of the weather as it was down pouring in half hour shifts.... but Saturday the skies cleared (although the humidity didn't) and it turned out to be a very sunny and hot day for the party.

My 130-O girls came from near and far to help me get the party ready... outdoor games, and food, and just some general party decorating.. so by 2:30 pm I would say we were ready to host a party!

PC was clued into the fact that we were having a 30th party for him, but I would say the surprises started when the guest slowly trickled in after 3... as he wasn't expecting to see a lot of them! He had a huge smile on his face the whole night, and that was sweet satisfaction for me!

My biggest contribution to the party, would have been my Yukaflux concoction - which is also referred to as Ditch Juice or in PC's words 'Porch Crawler'. It's just a mix of alcohol and fruit... basically you can empty your liquor cabinet... rum, vodka, gin, wine, you name it, throw it in a large (clean) Rubbermaid storage tub... then add some sprite, gingerale, frozen concentrates, and then slice up 100-150 piece of fruit and dump it in the tub.... you let it sit over night, and then just before serving the next day you add 8 cans of beer, a 2L of 7UP, and a bag of ice and you are good to go! This is sure to get the party going - apparently for every piece of fruit you eat, its like taking a shot of straight alcohol - but the best part is that you don't taste the alcohol!

I have always wanted to make this (as I can remember it being a few parties during my high school career), but never had a good excuse to... I was a little disappointed that I couldn't even try it, but it was a big success at the party, so I will be sure to make it again when I can fully participate in the festivities.

I barely saw PC the entire day, he was chatting and drinking with a new crowd of people every time I turned around, but that is exactly what I wanted... I had him make a Washer Toss game and we had Spin It Ball going on and those two games seemed to get people having a good time too.

We had a little BBQ fiasco, which I won't elaborate on, except to say that I should have checked references on my first volunteer to be the BBQ Master - let's just say that within no time, 12 hamburger patties looked like street hockey pucks, and I won't even comment on what the juicy jumbo hot dogs looked like, but we ended up disposing of the first round of BBQ food, along with the first BBQ Master, and the replacement got control of the situation nicely! All in good fun, but I was killing myself laughing for about an hour over the whole episode.

After the food was taken care of and everyone ate, we did cake and then lit a fire in the back yard, finally using the lovely fire pit we got for our wedding.

The day couldn't have gone better... the crowd slowly thinned out by midnight (we were 43 adults and 11 kids)... except for our neighbours who didn't have to drive anywhere ... they kept the party going until 3 am... we closed with some famous neighbourhood nachos (Ginette's)... and by 3:30 amam PC and I were in bed... both exhausted but for different reasons - he had been drinking since noon that day, and I had been on my feet all day!

The 130-O girls (and Kel) stayed the night, they were my fabulous clean up crew the next morning, which was MUCH appreciated - PC opened some gifts that people had brought (and he loved them!), we went for breakfast, the girls and Kel got on their way, and PC and I had the laziest day ever, napping and watching movies!

I have to say, I don't have many pics from the day on our camera because PC and I were both busy ... but there were a few, so I will post them now and if others send me theirs I will update the blog with them when I can.

Here's a few though....

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