Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Coleman @ 30 wks

Today we had an ultrasound to check up on the baby and my previously low-lying placenta.

The good news is the placenta has moved far far away from my cervix, so the threat of a planned c-section no longer looms at this point, which was great news! The baby's head is also facing down now, so if I were to go into labour tomorrow this would be a good thing too!

In previous ultrasounds at 11 wks and 17 wks there was lots of room for the baby to move about - today's ultrasound showed just how cramped up the baby really is... hands and feet covering its face ... it was hard to get a good picture this time around, but the technician was able to snap one (see below), when the baby peaked at us for a brief moment.

Still no clues on the sex... we didn't see ANYTHING, the technician didn't go anywhere near the baby's privates, but PC and I are still thinking boy for some reason (however we did look at the Chinese gender calendar today, and according to the chart, it's a girl... so who knows!).

Here is Baby Coleman at 30 wks: