Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Second look at Baby Coleman!

Yesterday I had my second ultrasound... and I was thrilled to see Baby Coleman kicking and moving about. All seems to be well with him/her... he/she is developing well and is looking good for a mere 17 weeks. Right now... this baby weighs7 ounces, and measures13 cms (give or take a few as she/he was a bit curled up)! Baby Coleman's heart rate was strong at 150 bpm... and everything looked great for the 20 minutes of viewing pleasure I had with my little one.

I think I am slowly starting to feel the baby move, but can't be sure yet if its just my uterus playing tricks on me, or if in fact it is the baby. Each day gets more and more exciting and every day I learn something new about pregnancy!

Here are two pictures from yesterday's ultrasound... PC and I are going back and forth on what we think the sex might be, I am leaning towards a girl, he is fairly certain its a boy. Only 23 weeks until we will be able to settle this one... but just for kicks, what do you think: Boy or Girl?

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