Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Not working... weird!

Yes, I know, its about time... you got an update!

I think the last post I made was last Tuesday, and since last Tuesday it seems I have been one busy beaver!

Friday, was my official last day of work... so I spent most of last week, wrapping up files, saying good-byes, and packing up my office. Friday morning driving into work was both exciting but also a bit scary/weird too. I have never 'not worked' in what seems like a very long time -since high school I would suspect. I like to think that my job keeps me grounded... I plan my life around my job. I feel as though, if I didn't have to work 5 days a week I would be at liberty to do whatever. the hell. I want. - but since I do work... and PC works too, we basically plan our lives around what we can and can't fit into the work week.

Now... I am off for an entire year, and this not working thing is all new to me. It seems that when I am just on holidays, mentally this not working business is easy because holidays come to an end pretty quickly, and normally I return to work - however, this is not the case this time. My return work will be in another 12 months, and within that 12 months A LOT is going to happen.

This week (being my first week of not working), I think is going to fly by, as I have been busy getting the baby's room in presentable form. On Saturday, my good friend Clapper came out to the house and she kicked started my organizing challenge by helping me sort, do and fold 5 loads of baby laundry. We spent all day and all night doing laundry, and then trying to organize the baby's room as much as possible. We made impeccable progress, if I do say so myself.

Since Saturday, I think I have continued to make pretty good head way on the organizing train... PC only has to install a few more things on the walls and I will be ready to 'reveal' the nursery to you.

After the nursery is done... then its onto my short list of 'nesting' items that I want to take care of... and after that I think it will be just me and the clock ... tick. tock. tick. tock. tick. tock!

For some reason, I have it in my head that I am going to be overdue, so I am trying to mentally prepare for that. I guess I really have no idea when the baby will come, but I do know that I don't want it to be this week... I will stand on my head if I have to, I just want a few more days to myself to get prepared... if that is every really possible.

I was hoping this 'not working' thing would lead to more time for blogging, but so far, it seems being at home is keeping me fairly occupied. Hopefully if I get this week out of the way, I will have some time to devote to the blog, and some progress pictures to show you what's been keeping me so busy over the last week!

Stay tuned!