Thursday, November 27, 2008

EASY my ass!

Alright... I have vowed that I am going to start getting into a routine with E... it seems I have been all over the map with him in the last 7 weeks, every day is different and unpredictable, and I really think that as he is approaching two months we should start to establish a routine that will encourage more lengthy sleep periods.

I may be dreaming, but I really want E to start sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time, hopefully through the night at some point (wishful thinking perhaps), and I am willing to try any methods or listen to any words of wisdom to achieve this goal.

A few people have recommended the Baby Whisperer to me, Tracey Hogg. I have heard she has a few strategies for sleep and understanding your baby's needs, etc. so I purchased one of her books from Chapter's online and was delighted when it arrived earlier this week.

She speaks to a routine she calls EASY.

E at
A ctivity
S leep
Y ou

The first three letters of EASY refer to the baby and last letter means time for YOU or me in this case!

I was all for trying her methods... one of which she calls tanking up, meaning feeding the baby in shorter intervals in the early evening and then one final good feed later in the evening which allows the baby to TANK UP with enough food to hold him over til the morning.

Yesterday, was my first full day, committed to the EASY routine. We did the Eat, Activity, Sleep thing through the morning and afternoon, and then I feed E at 6pm, then again at 8pm, and at 10:30pm I gave him the dreeeeeeeeeeeam feed (as she calls it). For the dream feed at 10:30 I gave him a bottle of formula, as in the book she indicates that its easier to achieve the dream feed with a bottle rather than with the breast (but you can do it with the breast, I just chose not to for the first night).

All was going smooth on the EASY routine... I gave E the bottle around 10:30pm, he finished around 10:55pm ... and at 11:03pm, while we were rocking in the chair this happened:

EASY... yup it was damn EASY for E to launch his formula plus some all. over. me.

I think he obviously was over fed, he has never really gotten sick quite like that ... I mean we were swimming in the formula - all over him, all over me, dripping off him, my sweater and jeans just like pea soup.

And what was even more EASY about the whole ordeal is that once we got ourselves cleaned up, guess who was hungry again?

It was sooooo EASY to clean up the mess, put in a load of laundry at midnight, feed him again, and finally put him down around 2am.

I love the EASY routine... (but I am not giving up!)