Friday, December 12, 2008

Fragment Friday

Well I feel like its been a while since I have posted some random tid-bits about everyday life around here, so I thought I would do so this week, since I can't seem to find time to come up with a complete coherent post.

So here it goes... a few fragments from my thoughts:

*I couldn't be happier to be on maternity leave right now. All of this snow is lovely to look at, but this week I was so glad not to have to get up early in the morning and clean off the car, etc. to go to work. E and I have stayed comfortably in our beds and watched everyone else on the street slowly get out of their driveways. In addition to all of the snow and winter driving, OC Transpo here in Ottawa has decided to strike, leaving thousands of commuters out in the cold, and forcing them into their cars and onto the highways. I would imagine this would make for some major traffic jams in the city, but once again, I am watching all of this on TV from the comfort of my own home - I love maternity leave right now!

* Christmas is only 2 weeks away, and while I have my tree up and my house decorated, I am not done my shopping, and I am not concerned about it either. This actually concerns me that I am not concerned, because every year I usually have a little freakout about not being ready. In true procrastinator fashion, I just put things off until I absolutely have to get my ass to mall and get things done, and I figure this year will be no different, but I think I am just too exhausted to even get riled up about not being ready for the festive occasion!

*E was to the doctor on Monday for his 2 month needles. He was a pretty good customer... he cried, but not for long and PC was able to comfort him and calm him down pretty quickly. Before we knew it, he was sleeping comfortably in the car seat while we were strolling through the Timmy's drive-thru window!

*Slowly I am getting more untidy around the house. I think this is the result of being a new Mom.... I use to pride myself in having everything in 'its spot', but these days, I just don't have the time for that. I am slowly letting things go... and its really starting to bug me. Everyday, I say to myself, I should put this back and that away, but 15 hours in a day goes by really quickly and before you know it, I am exhausted and ready for bed, and things just lie around the house out of position. I know that no one but me really knows about where everything belongs, and if a stranger walked into my house they probably wouldn't say we are slobs, but it still gets to me that I don't have the time or the energy to keep up with my self imposed standards around here.

*The EASY routine that I reported on a few posts back, seems to be working better these days. E is going longer stretches at night and he sleeps in his crib now all the time, so we are definitely making progress around here. There are some nights where he will go 6 hours on his own, and when this happens I wake up in a panic thinking that something is majorly wrong, only to go into his room and see him still fast alseep. Other nights he goes about 4.5 hours on his own, and if I would just go to bed when he goes to bed at night I think I be a better functioning person too!

*I am loving the fact that people think that when you are on maternity leave for a year, its like you are on vacation for a year. I have heard people make jokes about being off for a year ... and I have to laugh as being a Mom is definitely not a holiday. Yes, its fun and rewarding, and I wouldn't change it for the world, but I actually find it more work that my former day job. At least at my day job, I could schedule things and follow through with my intentions. I could say I am going to be productive and actually BE PRODUCTIVE! At home, I have a couple of simple things I would like to get done in a day, but sometimes I just don't get to them because E does not allow me to.... and I seem to be up later and later every night just trying to keep on top of laundry and standard household chores. While it is nice to be off and at home with E, its not the free and easy schedule some people might suspect!

*Two weeks ago E received a piece of mail from our Conservative MP, Pierre Lemieux. I was rather impressed as it was a hand written note from him. Normally MPs and other government heads have someone write these types of notes for them and then they just stamp them with a signature, but this card was in his handwriting, welcoming E to the world and wishing him well. I thought it was a nice gesture on his part, and given that I am not pro conservative, I am now pro Pierre Lemieux!

*I am happy to report that the we got our brand new hot water tank last Saturday afternoon, and all is well with the world again. The piping that we needed ended up only being $130, which was a pleasant surprise from the $300 estimate they gave us! Although the dryer is still acting up, I am hoping that we can atleast get through Christmas before having to deal with it and the necessary repairs it obviously needs.

Well.. that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed Fragment Friday... and I will try to get some decent posts together in the coming days. All the best for a great weekend ahead.

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