Monday, July 07, 2008

And the rings come off!

Since the day PC and I got engaged, and then married a short 9 months later, I have wore my wedding rings faithfully... I don't even take them off for bed!

I thought it would take something drastic to make me take them off... like some form of infidelity, or major accident that would required me to have my hand amputated, but apparently all it takes is a 28 week old fetus, and a few extra prego pounds.

The last few weeks, as the weather has gotten increasingly nicer out, I have found my rings posing a real problem. They are tight to get on, and the warmer its gets in a day the harder they are to get off.

I have now stopped wearing them to bed altogether because I get so hot when I sleep, that I wake up feeling like my hand is triple its size and my rings are so tight I start to panic.

Since last week, putting them on in the morning is basically a 50/50 shot that they will actually go over the knuckle. I basically know how my day is going to go based on whether or not the rings fit.

When they don't fit, I find myself cursing and swearing, saying 'perfect, I should have left the house 5 minutes ago, I don't have time to stop for a coffee, and my rings won't go on - god damn it'.

But on a good day, I am like 'wow, I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear, and my rings slid on like a well oil machine - its great to be alive!'

I have read its just part of being prego... the ring thing, and people have reassured me that once the baby is born, the rings WILL go back on, but at the same time its depressing... my rings mean a lot to me, and when I casually look down at my hand and see they aren't there... it seems wrong.

However, I know its all for a good cause, these extra prego pounds, chubby fingers, swollen feet, puffy cheeks... the list goes on!

As I am now OFFICIALLY 28 weeks, and in the third and FINAL trimester... I guess the rings are the least of my worries... I should just be satisfied that even though I can't always wear the rings, I at least have a solid marriage that is going to be around regardless if I ever am able to get the rings back on!!!

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