Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update from Sunny Punta Cana!

Just a short update to say Ola, from downtown Punta Cana!

The weather has been fantastic... hot days, with lots of sun... no reasons to complain!

Monday, I celebrated my 28th birthday Dominican style.... it was lots of fun, I think everyone in the hotel knew it was my birthday... everyone sang Happy Birthday to me four times over, in every language imaginable!

Yesterday, we attended the wedding of Vicki and Toubi, and it was a beautiful ocean wedding, followed by a great dinner and an evening of dancing. We had a great time!

Lots of pictures to come when we arrive home Saturday night (Dad C: our flight is due into Ottawa at 3:30, so hope to see you around 4!).

Hope all is well with each of you... next week will be back to regular blogging!

Talk to you soon!

Sara & PC!