Monday, December 15, 2008

You can dress up a catholic girl but you can't take her anywhere!

Yesterday, PC, E and I enjoyed a nice little brunch in honour of our good friends Erin and Barry who are getting married in Jamaica in the New Year Year. The brunch was held in Centrepointe at a beautiful home, and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Now... what I should tell you is that our good friends Erin & Barry are Jewish. This really means nothing in terms of friendship, except that if I were to scan our list of close friends, they would be the only Jewish friends we have (that I know of), so its safe to say they are our favourite Jews!

Even further background on this friendship is that, Erin is a member of 130-O (University crew) and when I met her she was not Jewish. When she and Barry starting dating we learned about Judaism through her, as she experienced all of their traditions for the first time. In the last year, she has recently converted to Judaism, so please keep this in mind as this post progresses.

As I was saying, the Jewish thing is really irrelevant... but around this time of year, it becomes relevant given the difference between Hanukah and Christmas. Now, Erin, she and her family still celebrate Christmas, while Barry and his family celebrate Hanukah, and together, as couple they do both - Christmukah!

Yesterday, the lovely brunch was held at a brother of Barry's, and well pre-pregnancy brain would have immediately flag to me that they celebrate Hanukah and NOT CHRISTMAS. But of course, post-pregnancy I still have mush for brains, and while we were socializing with other guests at the brunch, the thought crossed my mind that the family hasn't yet decorated for Christmas. They have a beautiful spiral staircase and a very nice opening at the bottom... and the thought also crossed my mind that this would be the PERFECT spot for a 20 foot tree, with clear lights, and all the decorations one could imagine.

As the event was winding down, we decided we should hit the road. E had been the perfect guest... cute as a button, and didn't say boo the whole time we were there. I was quite proud of him. I think I must have been so proud that I didn't bother to turn on my common sense, as just before we were leaving I said to the Barry's nieces:

'You have a lovely home, where do you guys put your Christmas tree?'

And I was dead serious... until Erin was right at the door with me and gave me 'the eyes' sounding the dumb bells, and I went from 'I'm the cool women with the cute kid', to 'excuse me while I run outside and wash my face out with yellow snow'.

I KNEW that they celebrated Hanukah, I really did - so why did I say that? What baffles me even more is that I actually thought to myself 'my, they don't have their tree up yet' - knowing full well they don't. put. up. a. Christmas. tree.

My humble apologies to this family... as the title states, you can dress up a catholic girl up, but you can't take her out. It's been full-on Christmas for me since the day I was born... so please forgive me for not clueing in sooner that not everyone in the world celebrates the same occasions I do.

And just in case you are wondering, I am still trying to pry my foot out of my mouth!

So from the bottom of my heart... to Erin & Barry and their family: Happy Hanunkah!