Monday, February 18, 2008


Well...given that's its the 3rd week of February, I am pretty sure that no one should still have their CHRISMAS LIGHTS on - I don't care how much of a Christmas fanatic you may be, this is me in my ba-hum-bug spirit, telling you that the dream is done - Christmas is over, TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS.

Seriously... I am not sure if it's just the country folk where I live, or if this is a city-slicker thing too, but I really believe that come the first week of January, Christmas lights should be switched off. Yes, I realize that the cold weather has probably prevented many of us from taking down our Christmas lights... but for the love of god, just because they are still up, doesn't mean they have to be on.

How hard is it to just unplug the Christmas lights and go back to your regular porch light system that you use during the non-Christmas season? For PC and I, it was simply a matter of flicking on/off a different switch.

On the first night when I drive by a place with their Christmas lights still on, I think to myself, perhaps they flicked the wrong switch by ACCIDENT or their kids were fooling around, etc., but then on the second, third, and fourth trips by the same place, I don't give them the benefit of the doubt anymore... I instead put them on my permanent list of 'stupid homeowners'.

Now... I am willing to let those of you off the hook who have clear mini lights on the outside of your place, all year around. I do know a few places that actually look nice with the clear lights on their decks or railings, but the folks that get to me are the ones that have the green, blue, red, and yellow lights still up... (some of them flashing in a sporadic annoying pattern) - these are the people that need to explain themselves - why are your Christmas lights still on?

Blow-up lawn ornaments are whole other post.... if you still have those on your front lawn, I can at least be thankful that we have enough snow this year to bury the damn things! But in years where we get less snow, those things shouldn't be up either - Christmas is over people, get with the times!

Harsh as it may be, this is really my point of view! I actually want to write a letter to my township to let them know that the Christmas decorations that are hanging from the street lights on the main drag also need to be shut off, if not taken down. I mean, we actually have a township road crew that gets paid to do this kind of stuff, so why not utilize them?

I hope all of you don't still have your Christmas lights on... but if by chance you do, and you aren't totally upset at me, please do share your reasons for still having your lights on... I am intrigued to know what's behind your daily decision to keep turning them on, night after night?

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