Saturday, June 07, 2008

Snapshots from Halifax

Well.... I returned to the office Thursday, exhausted from the trip, but nonetheless felt it was well worth it... work-wise and from a sight-seeing perspective. I am not sure if I was exhausted from the long work days, or the fact that the entire trip I was walking up a hill - not exactly a pregnant lady's dream - but I guess if your going to see some of the sights you've got to do it!

I thought I would post a few shots I took while there... and then I will try to get on with rest of the NYC photos.

PC is away on a golf trip this weekend, and I am enjoying the nice sticky weather and having the house to myself to laz-around - just what the doctor ordered I think!

Anyways.... onto the Halifax photos - for your viewing pleasure!

The public gardens in Halifax were so nice... the tulips were out in full bloom

The clock tower at Citadel Hill
I didn't have time to tour the grounds,
but here was the guard at the entrance!

The view from the top of Citadel Hill

The tall building to the right is where our office in Halifax is -
the view from there is amazing, much better than the field of dirt
I stare at everyday in Ottawa!

Couldn't pass by this place without a stop in for PC!

I absolutely loved looking at this view from the waterfront!

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