Thursday, November 06, 2008

Things I have learned in a month....

Yesterday marked Little E's one month birthday. Hard to believe a month has passed already... it seems like yesterday that we were only bringing him home from the hospital.
In a month's time I become educated in a few areas.... let's recap a few things I've learned:

*Taking a 20 minute shower is a gift... if you get to do it more than twice a month, you should feel blessed! I have always enjoyed a long shower... but with E he only seems to want to let me shower for 5 minutes before I hear him crying in his crib. I don't mind letting him cry for a bit, but he gets into this 'somebody help me or I am going to die' octave that I just can't stand to hear, so I immediately rush to his defence which means cutting my shower down to the bare minimum - soap, shampoo, condition, rinse, DONE.

*Making toast or any sort of breakfast with two hands is simply 'too easy'! If you get to make breakfast or any meal for that matter with two hands, you can consider yourself having a VERY good day! E seems to know exactly when I want to make something to eat, I seem to get a bagel in the toaster, but can't seem to put the cream cheese on it without him in my arms!

*The same goes for eating supper. PC and I are VERY lucky if we can get through a whole meal, just the two of us. If E is down for a nap, he senses exactly when we have just fixed our plates and are ready to eat! Then its a coin toss to see who is going to eat supper cold that night.

*Sleeping in a lazy boy recliner is COMFY. E is starting to adjust to day and night, but every other day he seems to have his days and nights confused. So if I feed him around midnight he is wide awake, but I am not, so we rock away in his room, and then finally I just throw up the recliner part and fall asleep, only to wake up three hours later to my boy smacking his lips on my chest! But the point is I have slept, even if it is in a chair (my chiropractor will probably have a field day on me the next time I get in to see him).

*I have actually surprised myself when I am low on sleep, I am not that bad of a person after all! There are some mornings I really don't want to get out of bed, so I take E in bed with me, but he ultimately rules to roost, so often times I am out of bed far earlier than I want to be, but I like to think I am rather pleasant on those days! I think I have learned how to function when I am only getting my sleep in small shifts and this is something I never thought I would be able to do.

*I don't know the words to as many songs as I thought I did. E likes to rock and so to pass the time I like to sing to him, but its surprising how many tunes I just don't know all the words too. I start out (sounding lovely), and then I get to a part that I can't remember so I hum, and then finally I just tell him 'let's sing a different one, Mommy forgot the words, AGAIN'!

*Who knew that going through the Tim Horton's drive thru would be the highlight of my day! SERIOUSLY... my Tim Horton's large decaf double double is my world (besides E). I look forward to that one cup of coffee everyday... and if I don't get it I am in fact miserable! That is our standard outing most days, I get E all dressed up to go through the drive thru at Timmy's, and he absolutely loves it, or maybe I love it enough for both of us!

*AND, having a half hour or even 15 minutes (gawd, I would take 15 minutes) to check email or blog is also a blessing. Typing with one hand completely sucks... I started this post three days ago, but didn't get it up until today. I have had free moments but I seem to be scrambling around the house to do the little things: put in a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, vacuum, etc. Every time E goes down for a nap I feel like I am on the Amazing Race... completing as many tasks as I possibly can before he wakes for his next feeding.

Speaking of which... he's a calling!

Happy 1 month birthday E, Mommy loves you!

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