Monday, May 05, 2008

Prenatal Classes

Calling all mothers or those well-versed in child preparation!

It seems since the announcement of my pregnancy, many people have mentioned 'prenatal classes' in a typical conversation about: child birth, pregnancy, and any other discussions related to getting ready for a baby.

People drop the ol' 'Oh, but you'll learn that in your prenatal classes', as if these so-called prenatal classes are mandatory for all new parents.

I am not against prenatal classes, but I don't know the first thing about them either.... as in, where they are offered, when they are offered, when you should be taking then.... is this something you do now, or are you suppose to wait until 2 weeks before you due date?

No one, not my family doctor, not my OB, not anyone has come to me and said 'Oh... your expecting, here's a list of prenatal classes offered in the area, and if your interested in taking them, here's what you need to do to sign-up for them'. No one has mentioned a peep about them, other than the fact that I am going to learn oooh sooo much when I actually take them.

And, another thing... do you HAVE TO take them? Is it a prerequisite for becoming a parent? I envision me delivering the baby, and when they go to hand him/her over to PC and I, the nurse pulls back and says with a look of shame in her eye: 'oh... you don't have a prenatal class certificate... sorry, we'll have take the baby away.'

Help.... this is my plea! Anyone bearing prenatal classes information: opinions, advice, dos and don'ts ... please share - I am begging you!

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