Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The last child free anniversary!

Well... we made it! PC and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary today, and its sure to be the last one without children, as Baby Coleman is due to arrive in 5 days (whether or not that actually happens, is a whole other post).

Today... reminds me much of our wedding day. It's absolutely beautiful outside, not a cloud in the sky.

It's hard to believe its been three years already! This one seemed to sneak up on us as I think we have been so busy preparing for the baby, that the last half of this year has flown by.

Nonetheless... each anniversary is a milestone, and I am proud to say we've reached this one with few hardships! In a time when so many couples are splitting up, I am glad that PC and I still have a solid foundation to rely on - and I am even more excited that we are about to become parents together! What a great way to celebrate our 3rd anniversary!

Happy Anniversary PC - as always, I love you!

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