Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year ... 2009: A Year in Review

Happy New Year!

What's that you say? It's a little late for that.
Thanks Tips - I know, but better late than never!

It's taken me a little while to kick off the New Year here at From the Desk of Sara because I was just not ready.

2009 ended on a pretty sad note for our family. PC's lost his two grandmothers in a span of two weeks. It was very bittersweet, in that its been forever since we've seen both sides of his extended family - which was so nice to catch up with everyone, but at the same time we had to say goodbye to two wonderful women. It kinda puts a damper on 2009 when you have to close it out with two visits to the funeral home, but aside for that, 2009 was relatively a good year.

Since the history of this blog began, I have always done a year in review... this year I feel as though the blog has slipped a little LOT. As I have said in the past, I always have good intentions of blogging but life as a working Mom doesn't really allow me the time to put in the effort I want for my blog. I have spoken with other bloggers who told me to ride out the storm, and I will get back to it, so that is exactly what I am going to do. After all I blog for myself, first and foremost, as I want to have a record of my thoughts and experiences, so that one day my children and my grandchildren, will have a little insight into who I was/am as a person in my 20's and 30's and 40's, etc.

So... this year in review, might seem a little dull, but nonetheless its tradition and I love traditions!

To me 2009 was a lot of fun. I spent a good portion of being a new Mom, and learning and experiencing all the ups and downs of parenthood - happy times, scary times, tired times. PC and I were able to spend much of the summer together, as he took some time off to spend with E and I. We shared so many laughs together, just over the everyday things E would do, his expressions and smiles are the highlight of every day. We went to Florida on our first family vacation... and then in the fall, I took a ME trip to Texas, which I never got to blog about ... :-( ... because when I got home, it was E's first birthday party, and then *BAM* I was back to work! The real world came knocking in the form of H1N1 madness, and from that... came the holiday rush, two funerals, and hello 2010.

It was an exciting year... no matter how you slice it. So here it is in blog posts...

2009 A Year in Review!

-3 Months and on a roll!
-Forever 29
-Bloggy Makeover

-4 Months ...
-25 Random Things About Me
-Has anyone seen the milk man?

-5 Months ... already!
-This and That
-Do I mumble or is he hard of hearing?
-Taking off the socks - Pee-wey!

-Back in time .... rewind, fast-forward!
-6 months ... cuts like a knife tooth!
-It won't be like this for long!
-A day at the beach!

-7 months has arrived - slow down calendar!
-Nothing solid about solids!
-Good news, bad news!

-8 Months Already!
-The Kidney Update
-Rights and Wrongs

-9 Months = BIG CHANGES!
-I'm Alive... but on the go!

-10 Months and Personality!
-Don't touch, stop, NO!
-We went out last night...!
-A change in tone!

-11 Months... and a Busy Boy!
-10 Years for 130-O!
-Now Approaching: Back to Work

-Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy
-Working Mom of 1
-No time to blog!

-First Hair Cut

-Life is too short
-Merry Christmas to YOU!

Now... onto 2010! I hope 2010 proves to be a prosperous year for all of us!

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