Sunday, October 11, 2009

Working Mom of 1

So I can see that you have been eagerly checking this blog, to see if I survived the first week of being back to work... the first week of getting E to and from daycare, and the first week of what is going to be regular everyday life.

I did survive... but let me tell you, I was so glad to see the weekend, and I only worked 4 days this week because Monday was E's actual birthday and I was off. This next week is Thanksgiving on Monday, so I am off and then its another 4 day work week. I feel pretty lucky to be easing back into the work week with two short work weeks to start.

However... it sounds to me that life is going to get a bit more hectic than a new mom returning to work would actually like. Without going into too much detail, the department I work for is the lead on dealing with the H1N1 flu virus... and in order to provide the necessary communications support without burning out the entire team very quickly, we are going to be moving to rotational shift work in a few weeks... to cover off communication support 7 days a week, 15 hour days. Not exactly what I wanted to hear my first week back... but that's the reality.

Although I want to throw bricks at a wall thinking of how much I would rather be working my neat and tidy 8 to 4 schedule, 5 days a week... I do consider this a learning experience and a major bullet for my resume. I don't know how its going to work quite yet, but I do know that it will throw one hell of a wrench in my family life, not to mention my social life. It has an effect for both PC and I, and not to mention E.

Obviously this schedule won't last forever, hopefully H1N1 calms down, and we go back to our normal working hours ... but for now, this is the reality - and one I have to deal with.

Aside from that bomb... work itself was really good this week. I was busy everyday I was in the office, and I remember that I do have a brain that knows how to do work-related things, and not just make bottles, wash bottles, pick up cheerios, and change diapers. It is kinda rewarding to know that I can do both.

E's first week at daycare was really good. I heart our childcare provider, she is fantastic. E was smiling and happy, just like he's been at home... so to me I know he is well cared for when PC and I are working. I did manage to get the boy supper, and ourselves something to eat every night. I have come to see that meal planning on the weekends is going to make supper time less stressful during the week.

E been going to bed a bit earlier too... so although I am exhausted after putting him to bed, I do have an couple hours to get the house cleaned up, get ready for the next day, and maybe watch a show. I really don't know how people throw in a run, or hit the gym ... maybe I am too much of a newbie, but I have hard time feeling like I can do that right now. Hopefully if I get my rotational schedule mapped out better, I can figure out where to throw in the occasional workout, but for now, its taking a major backseat.

Yes... week 1 is done and over with, and week 2 is just around the corner, but in a way I am excited for it. This working mom of 1 is actually not the bad, but check back for the 'I quit' post in a few weeks, as I have a feeling my my optimistic approach will wear off soon!

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