Thursday, August 20, 2009

We went out last night... !

PC and I, and my BFF Clapper 'went out last night - like we swore we wouldn't do! Drank to much beer last night... a lot more than we wanted to' ... all in the name of Kenny Chesney!

What a great concert... there is something to be said about country concert-going fans, they get a little crazy in a good way!

We had such a great time and KC did not disappoint! He still isn't any better looking in person, but he sure knows how to entertain a crowd. High energy for two and half hours straight. Good times!

We hadn't planned on going to this concert, but we snagged floor seats on Monday morning, and I think that made the show. KC came out on a moving camera/chair and was right over top of us at one point. I actually spilt beer in my eye trying to get the shot (LOL!). He was worth every penny, and his opening acts Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert made for a jam-packed concert package.

There isn't much more to say above and beyond 'FUN FUN FUN'. We did snap some pics so ... I will let those illustrate my thoughts better than my words would! I will say, if you enjoy country music and haven't had a chance to see Kenny in concert - GO! He wasn't named entertainer of the year, 4 years in a row, for nothing!

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