Friday, October 23, 2009

No time to blog!

September was a BAD month for blogging - you know that, and I know that. I was just so absorbed with getting ready to go back to work, and planning E's first birthday, not to mention a fun-filled trip to Texas (which I have yet to blog about). I thought that September would be the off month for the blog, but now as we are quickly approaching the end of October ... I am thinking the final quarter of 2009 isn't looking good for the blog either.

I want to have this wonderful witty blog, that I am dedicated to, and that I have no problem keeping up with, even though I am working long hours, doing the daycare thing, making family dinners, doing extra-circular sports, and squeezing in a few episodes of my fave shows - I really really want the label, but these last few weeks have sucked the life out of my blogging ability... and the future is looking bleak too!

I wish I had a PA in the car (that is personal assistant)... you know, someone I could just talk out loud to and they would transcribe my thoughts onto the blog (kinda like Boyder and I use to do with each other for University group papers) . In the morning... I am so full of awesome blog thoughts, I mean really great stuff - stuff that would make you laugh out loud at your computer. I sometimes even talk to myself (between my country music performances), and I write the first paragraph right then, out loud in the car.

I think to myself, I will roll into work, organize my in bin, work efficiently all morning long, and then spend 10 or 15 minutes on my lunch just flushing out my blog topic of the day... and BAM - I'll have a post, while still having plenty of time to eat, pee, grab an afternoon coffee, and finish the day out with a smile.

But... nooooooooooooooooo!!! I never get the in bin organized, and while I might get Blogger open on my desktop at lunch, I never get a line written, let alone an entire post flushed out.

I still have ideas.... good ideas for the blog, and I think that with all of my draft posts that are sitting on my Blogger Dashboard, the day has to eventually come when I will finish them, and post them - and won't that be the best of your life as a faithful bloggy reader? You'll surely be in bloggy heaven, probably have to call in sick a day or two just to catch up on all of the posts that I am gonna post on that one magical day!

Right. As in ya right.

I don't blame you, if you go off to a far away land, and never come back... I have been neglectful of you, and trust me, your not the only thing that's feeling neglect in my life. This whole working Mom thing is quite the adjustment... and going from one day to the next is a challenge in itself... so I am going to try to work more on my planning skills first, before tackling how to blog efficiently and effectively without neglecting my family/working duties.

That was long drawn out way of saying... I'm not firing myself, I just reallocating the blog resources (ME) to another priority area for the short term (can you tell I have been writing government speak all. week. long.). However, from time to time (like tonight), I may get the notion to whip off a post... so if your still interested in the new terms of our agreement, check back at your leisure... but with (extremely) low expectations of there actually being something new here.