Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nothing solid about solids!

Just shy of his 7 month b-day, we started E on solids. Yes, yes... you are entitled to think that we should have started him earlier... but given that he had a few weight issues, we were a few weeks behind starting at the 6 month mark, and since we were going to Florida, I was selfish and didn't want to have to pack the cereal accessories in addition to everything else we were taking for him our our vacation - so we held him off another two weeks.

Regardless of how we got to the starting line, we made it. I can use the excuse and say that E wasn't ready to start cereals at 6 months, but the truth is, he was... and he has been waiting patiently, watching PC and I closely as we eat every. single. bite. of our meals. It was pretty hilarious at times.

I think I have been the one dragging my feet... as I have making a bottle down to science, and the thought of mixing up cereal and then spoon feeding E while he spits it back at me, is not something I was looking forward to... at. all.

However... I knew we had to start, so Saturday morning was the official ribbon cutting ceremony. We strapped E into his high chair, and PC decided to do the honours with the spoon while I cued up the camera.

Surprisingly for the first feeding it went not too bad. PC clearly has more patience than I... as he played some airplane games with E, getting him to open up, and he didn't seem to be on any time frame. After it was all over, I thought to myself - this could be worse - and I was right.

Day 2... E wasn't so graceful in his cereal eating abilities when it was just him and I.

He is definitely mature enough to understand the spoon to mouth concept, but his maturity only lasted for the first four spoonfuls, and then it was lots of sticking his tongue out, thus having the cereal run down his chin onto his bib... then proceeding to stick his fingers in it, touch his face, trying to grab the spoon out of my hand, while flicking more cereal in his hair.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Nope... no idea why I was dragging my feet about the whole experience.

I just don't deal well with mess... and messy fingers, messy faces, messy anything. However, as PC explained to me a few times (based on his own experiences with me), I am not the world's best teacher, and what E needs is someone to teach him how to eat solids! So basically... he just bought a house with no roof... as I suck at teaching anybody, anything.

However... because this isn't about me - I am putting my best foot forward here, and as much as I hate the whole feeding mess that we have to go through 3 times a day, I am willing to suck it up, because I know 'it won't be like this for long'!

I also read somewhere, that in order for a child to master a skill, you have to give them 21 days of practice before they can commit it to memory... so if this is true, we are on day 5 of 21, almost one third of the way there (hopefully)! I have to admit today's suppertime cereal feeding was actually the best one I've done in the 5 days, E didn't get too messy until his last 6 or 7 spoonfuls, so we are making progress - thank the lord!

Here is E, in his first cereal eating performance... it was mild in comparison to some of the episodes we have had around here the few days!

How was the cereal/solid starting process for you with your children? Did you find it challenging or fun, or both? Any tips or tricks to make it less messy, or do you just suggest grinning and bearing it for the next few months?

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