Friday, June 05, 2009

8 Months Already!

Today marks E's 8 month birthday. 8 months old, and only 4 months left of my maternity leave (but let's not focus on that!).

At 8 months, E is tipping the scales at over 16 lbs, and is almost into number 3 diapers. He has to be one of the happiest babies around (in my humble opinion). Every day I am amazed at how much smiling, giggling, and outright laughing that he does. He is really easy going, and doesn't object to the many outings we do in a week.

He has 7 teeth at the moment and news ones are popping up all the time. We had one bad night recently that I think was due to teething, and conveniently PC was away on a golf trip that night! However, sleepless night in a very long time is nothing to complain about.

E is happily and clearly saying 'Da-da' now... its quite entertaining to listen to him and PC call each other's name through out a day. I have tried to have him practice 'Ma-ma' but the most he does is stick his tongue out make raspberry sounds ... which finds very entertaining - oh well!

At home, his favourite activities this month include sitting on his play mat, trying to rip up the edging of the mat so he can play with it for hours on end. He loves to open and close his little V-tech laptop computer, as well as sit in front of his Fisher Price Sing-A-Long Stage and stare at himself in the mirror. He can wiggle and move to all the songs is quite content when doing this. His jumperoo is still getting lots of use - he can really bounce high in it, and loves to squeal and shriek with delight during every ride!

This past month E has his first ride in a shopping cart, at the dollar store of all places, and he loved every minute of it. So much to look at and everything was at his level! He didn't stop cranking his head from side to side as we went up and down the aisles.

E has gone from belly surfing to moving in reverse, to round and round in a circle. He still hasn't master the crawl yet, but he gets his leg up and his hands firmly planted... he just hasn't put it all together yet. However, no longer can I sit him on the mat or leave him on his belly while running to answer the phone, or make my lunch from a distance. He has become pretty quick at getting anything and everything that (a month ago) was previously considered 'out of reach'.

While we've had some scares on the medical side of things this past month, I know that none of this has affected the attitude and development of E. He is still the most amazing baby boy to me, and I still am in awe of just how much love I feel for him.

As we are now approaching his first summer, I am excited for all of the firsts he will experience in the next couple of months. I think this summer is going to be so much fun, and I can't wait for it to start.

Yes... my baby boy is growing up - but he's still my baby, and as quickly as his first 8 months have pasted, I will always cherish these special moments and milestones I am sharing with him - they are the best!

So... without further ado, here is E's 8 month photo shoot. I am not sure what 9 months will bring as this shoot was the most challenging yet - you will notice the 8 month sign is a little worse for wear, but nonetheless the shoot was completed to keep with tradition.


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