Monday, November 16, 2009

It's the thought that counts - right?

Today.... was a big day - well almost.

Last week I received an email at work letting people know that Canadian Blood Services would be on location at my office this morning. I decided that having never given blood before, this would be a convenient time to do so, as when I was pregnant, I learned that I have rare blood type that would be very useful to blood donation banks. So... last week I called 1 888 TO DONATE, and booked myself in.

The lady I spoke with on the phone got a little excitement in her voice when I told her it would be my first time donating... she ran through a welcome spiel with me, and was happy to take my request for an appointment.

So this AM, having not thought much more about it, I got a reminder call from the mobile blood lab coordinator reminding of my appointment. Having forgot about it, I was happy to get the call, and suited up with my work bb and a bottle of water for the appointment.

I was actually quite impressed with this mobile lab, which is essentially a decked out bus made into a mini hospital, complete with a waiting area, check-in counter, private consultation room, 4 donation station chairs, a snack and refreshment stand, and an entrance and an exit.

I was able to use the waiting area, and the check-in counter, and when I mentioned my blood type, they're faces lit up as apparently its in short supply! However... after doing the necessary paper work, and getting my finger pricked to check my iron - the bus derailed right then and there (not physically - if that's what your thinking!). My iron level came back at 12.4 and guess what level you need to be able to donate? Yep - 12.5 and greater.

Are you KIDDING me?

1 point shy of my first donation.

I should have actually known my iron would be an issue as I had low iron during pregnancy and post-pregnancy it didn't get a whole lot better. I have been put on over the counter iron supplements, but have been a little negligent in taking them regularly, so it really is my own fault. But turns out.. the nurse says even if I had been taking the supplements, they wouldn't really want me as donor anyways. Apparently, they like an all natural candidate, not someone who is hopped up on supplements!

So... basically they talked to me about how to get my iron up to an acceptable level without supplements, and encouraged me to come back in 56 days to try again.

Heading into the appointment I was feeling pretty good about myself... but coming out a little disappointed!

However... I'm thinking it was the though that counts - right?

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