Tuesday, May 05, 2009

7 months has arrived... slow down calendar!

I have a baby boy who is 7 months old.
A seven. month. old.

I think I am in shook... just a bit. I mean, where have the last 7 months gone?

As I look back on the pics of E's first few days of life, I see a different baby altogether... its crazy how much he has changed in these short months. Yet, I am amazed at his developments every day.

In 7 months time, the memory of my labour has faded dramatically (although NEVER the last few minutes of the birth). I find myself saying 'when I have another baby, I would... blah blah blah', which I NEVER thought I would say for a long while (easy people, it's not happening anytime soon, but the fact that I can make reference to a second child in the future is a milestone in itself for me). So although the time has passed quickly for, I can still see that a fair amount of time has passed for me in the motherhood books.

E has cut his second tooth this past week. He was a little fussier this time around, however I can't determine if it was his tooth coming through, a minor cold, or the fact that his grandparents feed him icing on Sunday afternoon (!) - or a combination of all three.

At the 7 month mark, E is fairly confident sitting up by himself... I wouldn't suggest leaving him alone on the hardwood, but on carpet and our play mats... he rarely takes a header if left sitting unassisted!

His new fascination is cups and water bottles... as you may have saw in my last post with the Starbucks cup. Who needs expensive toys when a paper cup or plastic used water bottle will do the trick!

We started cereal last weekend (separate post to come on that), and its going... not horrible, but not fantastic either. However, the main thing is he has started the train to solid foods which is good.

Still no actual crawling happening, but he is still very close... and loves his form of belly surfing! Sleeping in his crib has become quite adventurous as E likes to toss and turn himself around in all different positions. You never know what you are going to find in the morning, aside from a big grin.

Yes... this baby boy of mine is growing up right before my eyes. I love having a ring side seat to the action... but at the 7 month mark I can't help but start thinking of back to work, daycare, and the next steps in his young life. However, I do have the WHOLE summer to put in with him first, and I can't wait for it!

Keeping with tradition, here is the results of our 7 month photo shoot. The more active E becomes, the harder these shoots are to conduct! But, I think you'll like the results!

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