Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Forever 29

It's the eve of my 29th b-day... and as I sit here on the couch, with the laptop, I'm feeling a little astonished, that I'll actually be 29 tomorrow. I mean I swear that I was just. seven. teen., with braces, playing basketball, learning how to drive, etc... yet somewhere along the lines I took an express bus through my twenties and have now arrived on the doorstep of 29 or dare I say (gasp!) 30.

Its officially my last year in my twenties... I will be as far gone into my 'late twenties' as anyone can get, and while this may bother some people, for me its actually quite exciting because I have someone new in my life to share it with.

My... how time flies.

10 years ago... turning 19 was a BIG deal... my last 'teen' birthday... not only was I the legal drinking age, but I think I had just ditched my high school boyfriend like a bad habit, and was ready to take the world by storm... finishing up my last year of secondary school, choosing a University to attend, and just letting loose (and boy did I ever let loose that year eh Mom!?!).

Now... 10 years later, I'm married to the man of my dreams, and have just experienced what life is really all about for me - being a Mom.

It's funny to think back when I entered my twenties... I couldn't foresee all that would happen by the time I turned the BIG 2-9. Heck... I almost chose to go to the University of Windsor over Ottawa U - and now looking back on things, if I had actually decided to go to Windsor and not Ottawa - nothing in my life would be what it is today.

I wouldn't have the same job, I wouldn't have met the girls from 130-O or many of my other wonderful friends, and I definitely wouldn't have met PC, married him, or had a baby with him (if I had went to Windsor I would probably be with some gangster from Deeeetroit Michigan and we'd be on the run... robbing houses and stealing cars)!

Who knew that by making one choice as I was approaching my twenties - the choice to go to Ottawa ... that it would really shaped how the rest of my twenties would go?

And without knowing it, that decision has allowed me to arrive at my 29th birthday, feeling very accomplished and content with my life.

Its crazy how life unfolds, isn't it?

Yes... this year of my life, is going to be unlike any other year in my twenties... not because its my last year in my twenties, but because this year is not about me, its about my little boy, and seeing the world through his eyes, experiencing things with him for the first time, and remembering how precious life really is.

This year is going to be fun and exciting, and in my mind, I know that it will be the best year of my life because of Little E.

Here's to being FOREVER 29!

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