Saturday, September 05, 2009

11 Months... and a Busy Boy!

E is 11 months old today.... 11 plus 1 would mean a whole year... so I ask myself (with a tear): where has the time gone? My baby boy has changed ever so much in this last month... he is adventurous, and on the go, and if you turn your back for one second, he will ensure you regret it!

At 11 months, he has mastered the crawl... the stealth mode army crawl and now he is slowly seeing that getting up and crawling on his knees is also a pretty decent mode of transportation these days. Standing is a common occurrence for E... anything he thinks is remotely stable, he will pull himself up, and the adventure for him is to see how he is going to get back to down on him bum. It's cute and nerve racking all in the same boat.

In the eating department, E is still doing extremely well... he is slowly transitioning to eating table food, and loves to feed himself! Favourite foods right now include bananas, cheerios, Goldfish crackers, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. He is still on the low side of the holy graph... he was 19 lbs and 28 inches long at recent check-up, and he is very healthy.

E's discovery of the tooth brush and brushing his teeth is one of his favorite past-times... I hope this is one that he still enjoys in 5, 10 and 15 years! Give him a tooth brush and he will stay quiet and still for as long as you want. We are also discovering that his soother is probably not necessary... he likes to throw it and chase it, and drop it and pick it up, so the soother *may* have be on its way out in the next month! E also played his first game of mini sticks with Daddy and Grandpa C, and seems to love it, much to PC's delight! Other favorite activities include going for a bike ride, standing up in his crib, swinging, and stroller rides... as there is just so much to see and discover!

Yes... this boy is growing, and changing, but is still a happy baby, and makes me so thankful that I made the decision to have a child!

As always... here is the results of the 11 month photo shoot... I worked up a sweat getting these photos, E is so busy that he rarely wants to stay still to pose for a decent photo! However, I did get a few good ones with the help of PC, and the others - well, they are what they are! I especially enjoy the last photo, where E is giving me 'the look' as if to say 'Mom - enough'!

Happy 11 month b-day E... LoVe YoU!

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