Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This and That

Its been several days since my last post, and I wish I could say I had a valid excuse for not posting, but as it turns out I have no excuse! I have had tidbits and partial posts floating around in my head... but just never the time to sort them out on the blog, so I thought I would just throw out these random updates and thoughts, and let you take what you want from them... if anything at all!

  • Two weekends ago, I took E on his first over night roadie... to a cottage just past Bancroft. My roomies from University (130-O ladies) planned a get together as one of our members (shout out to Bee) is moving to Texas, and we wanted to have one last weekend together, before she departed. It was quite the adventure... packing for this trip for me was nothing, but packing to take a baby to a cottage in the middle of winter ... WOW! The things you have to remember to take... I don't think the term 'packing lightly' was meant to be applied when a baby is involved.
The weekend was quite good... as per usual when I get together with these ladies, we always have a good time... reminiscing about old times, and then adding new memories with our silliness!

Here is a quick pic from that weekend...
  • Then... last weekend, I went to a SURPRISE goodbye party for little Miss Texas... in Oshawa, as her sister had planned this party in addition to our previous ladies weekend. This meant, a second roadie with E, for a second weekend in a row. This was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I wanted to go, but wasn't sure about taking E all that way just to go there and back. But then my BFF Kristy was going to be at her place that weekend in T.O. so I decide to go to the party in Oshawa with E, and then in T.O to stay the night, see her new condo, and get in a quick visit. It was a fabulous trip... Bee was so surprised when she showed up and we all jumped out to welcome her, and seeing Kristy was the perfect bonus to the trip. On top of that.... taking E in the car was awesome! He's a good little traveler... so our next trek will be definitely be the 8 hour jaunt to Thessalon!

Here's a quick pic from last weekend... the boy toy in the picture is Bee's boyfriend Ryan - the reason she is moving to Texas!
  • Tomorrow... we visit E's family doctor for the mommy are you feeding him enough monitoring session weight check up. I think its going well... I am hoping he will have gained close to another pound this round. The bottle feeding is going really well... and I have actually come to see that its a hell a lot more convenient to bottle feed on road trips than it is to breast-feed, so while I was at first a little bitter about the whole situation, I have since discovered the silver lining in it all.

  • This week, the Tim Horton's Brier in on (curling for sports challenged)... and its been fun to watch (minus the fact that I have issues listening to Linda Moore and Ray Turnball for more than 20 minutes at a time. I won't go into a long rant on these two... but the older they get, the worse they are! Thank god for Vic Rauter... he's still got it)!

This is why I love curling so much:

Honestly... best shot I've seen in a long time, and so glad it came from Team Ontario!

  • The time change has been kicking my ass this week... and its only Tuesday. E somehow got his signals crossed and is acting like we will fell back instead of springing ahead an hour. I... being the confident mother I am, was so sure that the darker mornings would translate into longer sleep-ins for E, but he apparently feels the need to wake up almost an hour earlier than he was previous to the time change. This has me being extra tired and thus being a little cranky by the day's end. I am hoping to get back on schedule ... by the end of the week (if the good lord knows what's good for this world)!
  • Our PVR is on fritz... somehow, PC and a party who shall remain nameless (JULES!), were screwing around with the dish while I was away on the weekend, and the somehow the PVR quit working in the middle of this necessary repair. I could literally lose my mind. I heart my PVR... it allows me to keep up to date with my key shows, but not have to be restricted to the TV schedule, because as we all know... babies have this way of keeping you on THEIR schedule, which doesn't happen to be the same schedule as the TV guide. I grilled PC on how long the repair is going to take... as I was secreting loading the gun behind my back and removing the safety for emphasis.
  • Before the PVR went on the fritz... I managed to take in the finale of The Bachelor... and the After the Final Rose, Part I and II. Oh the drama. I swear this is why I have faithfully watched this show, I love stuff like this. He dumps the one he proposed to, to ask for a second chance with the one he originally dumped... and its all on TV for my viewing pleasure. Someone at ABC obviously had me in mind when they thought up this show - I just can't get enough. And too boot, the Bachelor himself, Jason Mesnick, is now on Twitter... so now I can keep tabs on him and Molly as often as I want. God, I love when reality TV and social networking unite! LOVE IT!
  • Baby bottles... HOLY complicated. I went to Toys R Us this week to look at getting some larger baby bottles for E, as he is outgrowing the 6 oz. bottle and fast. I am using breastfeeding bottles right now, and really like the nipples on these bottles. I want to keep the same type of nipple just on a larger bottle but do you think it could be that easy - NO! I must have starred at the bottle wall for a good 10 minutes just overwhelmed at all the options. Its crazy... slow flow, fast flow... even flow... air flow, drop-ins, plastic, BPA Free... the options are endless. I think taking the brakes off the Escape and putting them back on would be an easier job then selecting the right bottle and nipple to transition into!
Okay... there are other random thoughts floating around in my head, but I will have to cap it off at that for now as I am one tired cat! Feel free to comment on anything that may have peaked your interest... especially if you have some suggestions in the bottle department.


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