Monday, April 27, 2009

A day at the beach!

Still having a GREAT time in Florida. The weather seriously couldn't be any better, in the high 80s since we got here, and still going strong.

I am loving it... and so are PC and E, and the rest of my family.

Yesterday, we ventured over towards Tampa to Clearwater Beach... and spent the day on the Gulf of Mexico! The weather was the best for the beach... a nice warm wind, and full sun. My sister, PC, E and I enjoyed the sandy beach... and had such a good time. E was such a good boy all day... we played in the sand, and we all got to swim and relax, while taking turns watching E.

He did managed to get his feet wet in his first major body of water... and loved it!

The full day in the sun tired him out pretty good, along with the rest of us! So we called it a day around 5:30 pm and headed back towards Orlando for the night. E slept most of the way home, and slept like a champ last night!

It was another great day in the books for us. Today I am just relaxing by the pool and working on my tan! I am having a great vacation... and I know PC and E are too!

Here are some pictures for our beach day!

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