Sunday, April 05, 2009

6 months... cuts like a knife tooth!

My baby is half a year old today! I can't believe that 6 months ago today I was in the hospital screaming bloody murder, and yet it was the happiest day of my life!

To mark the half way point, E thought it would be a good idea to cut his first tooth this week. His bottom left tooth has pierced through the gums, and I would have to say if I didn't run my finger along his gums to get a piece of fuzz out his mouth, I don't think I would have noticed, as he hasn't said boo about it!

I guess we can now say he is officially teething!

I think this is the first month-span that I have seen the most dramatic changes in E's appearance, mainly because he's put on a couple of decent pounds since the 5-month mark. He is starting to fill out and his looks are quickly changing, but he is still the cutest little boy I ever did lay eyes on (IMHO).

He has become very active in the last month as well. Major milestones include 'belly surfing', and being able to touch his feet to the ground to operate his jumperoo without assistance from PC and I. He is close to sitting up and crawling... but still needs a bit more time to master those milestones.

Giggling is a regular thing these days.... you say it, he laughs (which he comes by honestly as PC is the same way). Smiles are about a dime a dozen too... not too much upsets this little guy, except of course not getting a bottle to him fast enough!

His favourite past time is lying on the back of the couch watching any activity happening outside. The garbage man and E have become good friends, as the gives E a regular wave on Thursday mornings. He is so fascinated with the cars passing by on the street... and the kids across the street playing road hockey. It doesn't matter what is going on outside, if you sit him in the window he could stare outside for hours.

We are starting to get out and about more too with the nice weather ... and E couldn't be happier as it is just more to look at and observe. I love seeing him discover new things... you can see his little mind working overtime to figure things out and it is so exciting for him (and PC and I too)!

Yes... half a year has passed rather quickly, and I know the next 6 months are going to zoom by, but regardless of how quickly the time passes, I am so happy to have this time with my baby boy... and looking forward to spending the remaining time of my maternity leave with him, as I know the spring and summer months are going to be the best!

Keeping with birthday month tradition, here are some snapshots of E's 6-month photo session:

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