Friday, November 20, 2009

First Hair Cut!

Wednesday night, we took E for his first hair cut! It was an up and down experience, one minute he loved it, the next minute he hated it.

I personally, could have waited a while to get his hair cut, but PC had other opinions.

Over the last few months E has developed a cute little curl in hair. It suits him too, but his bangs are getting longer and the sides - a little unruly. I made the mistake of announcing on Tuesday night at the dinner table that E's bangs were pretty long, and went as far as to gather them up in one hand and say, 'Look E, if you were a girl, we could put a cute little barrette in your hair'!

That was the last straw for PC. He gave me the stink eye and said - 'that's exactly it - he's not a girl, hence he's getting his hair cut, tomorrow'.

So maybe the barrette comment was a little much... but I did agree that trimming his little wispy hairs would probably be a good move as his hair will grow thicker and fuller now - or at least that is what I am telling myself.

We are lucky that our neighbour across the street has a small hair salon in her house, and since she cuts PC's hair regularly, PC asked her if she would mind doing E's. Of course, she was delighted - and so Wednesday when I got home from work, we headed over for the official ceremony.

As I said above, he loved it, and hated it. He hated the spraying of the water on his head, and the combing his hair, but he absolutely loved the brush she used to dust off all the lose hair off his neck. Thankfully, E gets a kick out of the hairdresser's husband, and he popped in and out of the room to provide some entertainment and distraction, so that she could finish up quickly.

After it was all done, he was all smiles - and now he looks just a tiny bit older and little more mature too! My baby boy is growing up... and officially has the first hair cut under his belt.

Here are some pics from the big occasion!

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