Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Night Lights - E takes his first steps!

Well, outta nowhere - E decided to walk on his own tonight. Lately (for the last month and a half) he has been standing on his own and walking along the furniture and the walls (Spiderman style). Over Christmas he would take that occasional in between step to get from one piece of furniture to the other... and our daycare provider has mentioned how close he is to walking at her house, but to my knowledge - he has never actually taken more than step here and there.

However tonight, while on the webcam with my parents, he decided to just walk, unassisted from one side of the kitchen to the other, to try and get closer to the computer. A total of about 5 or 6 steps together - but it was enough to warrant more praise and glory than when Jesus rose from the dead.

I so wish we could have a copy of that Skype video... I think it would be the perfect scenario for a Skype ad - see your first grandchild take his very first steps through Skype?? Hello, you can't plan a better marketing campaign than that.

However, I digress. The HUGE deal around our house tonight is that E is walking!!! He still needs to be coaxed into it a bit (okay flat out bribed - with a goldfish cracker), but nonetheless he can do it. I was so proud of him tonight, and he seemed pretty proud of himself as you can tell when he's walking in this video below.

There ... you can't be mad at me for not blogging in so long ... at least I come to you with A. late breaking news and B. video footage! Can you forgive me now?

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