Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is it wrong to wish for a divorce?

Easy folks, I am not talking about my own marriage... I definitely NEVER want to get a divorce, especially not to PC - I love him way too much (feel free to take a moment if your choking on a bit of puke!).

But ... I am in love with a house that was built about 2 years ago, and slowly the owners have been doing some landscaping, painting, adding on a deck, paving the driveway... all the little extras that a house needs. The design of the house from the outside is beautiful, and its on a big lot... and is surrounded by a nice tree line, yet still within town limits, and accessible to everything.

Last night, coming home, I managed to sneak a peek inside the house, as the curtains were open and the house was well lit up. Turns out, the inside looks tastefully decorated, and appears to be just as nice as the outside. This little observation makes me want the house even more now.

However, my thinking is... who (in their right mind) would put up for sale (at a decent price) a perfectly good home, that they have obviously worked hard to get it to their liking? No one... unless of course, the owners were getting a ... DIVORCE!

What an awful thing to wish upon someone - really - I know. You are reading this, thinking - has she no shame, and frankly, I question that about myself all. the. time. I guess this couple (who I don't know or have never seen before), they don't deserve the wish of divorce... perhaps I should change my thinking just a bit - and hope that either of them gets a bigger better job that requires them to move somewhere else, or that they will win the CHEO Dream of Lifetime Lottery and move into it, leaving their house perfectly purchase-able (if that's a word) for PC and I.

I will try to scope out a pic of the place I am talking about on my BB tonight on my way home... and then perhaps if any of my local readers know the house or the owners, you can have a hand in saving their marriage, and moving the couple safely to a new address, with their marriage intact!

Do any of you have your eye on a home or property in your 'hood.... that you are secretly wishing something 'interesting' happens with the owners so that you get the chance to buy it?

*** Edited to add ***

This is the best I could do with a drive by photo. You get the idea!

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