Tuesday, January 06, 2009

3 Months... and on a ROLL!

E was three months old yesterday... 3 MONTHS!!! I feel like the time has flown by... and I am sure you will notice from the pics below that he is changing so much.

Yesterday, on his three month b-day, he rolled over in his crib, from his tummy to his back. It was a pretty big deal around here! Today he is not interested in putting himself to sleep in his crib at all, he is too busy practicing his new skill... holding his head straight up in, looking from side to side, and then rolling over on his back and laughing to himself!

This past month was a lot of fun. E is smiling all the time... sleeping lots, and starting to use and recognize his toys. His little personality is emerging more and more each day, and if there is trait he has yet to develop, its PATIENCE. He is very impatience these days (I wonder where he gets that from!), so I guess we will have to work on this as the months progress.

I have a feeling, that last month was an easy month, compared to what this month has in store for me... as my baby boy is officially on the move!

Here are a few pics of E... from the last month (excluding Christmas those will come in a seperate post hopefully)!

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