Thursday, February 05, 2009

4 months ...

Today marks E's 4th month on the planet! And he's doing great.

I swear he gets cuter and cuter everyday... but I guess that's just my humble opinion (and PC's too). We love him to death.... its really amazing how much love you can feel for one tiny little being, he really is the center of my world, and everything else just seems to pale in comparison.

This past month E came down with his first cold... but he was a trooper through it all. It started out with a little cough, and then a runny nose... and then came the congestion. But I got schooled up on 'how to care for an infant's cold' and we were spittin' nickles in no time.

I was sorta relieved to see his first cold come and go... I wasn't expecting him to go cold free for the entire year, so I am happy to see that it has finally come and gone and we all lived to tell about it.

Lately, most of our days seem to mesh together... but it couldn't be a better routine. E is comfortably sleeping through the night, he even is putting himself to sleep these days which is making my life much easier, and in the day time he is going a bit longer between feedings too, so we have more down time to get some things done at home. When he is up and about, he is one happy guy... smiles all around, and is always seeking attention (wonder where he gets that from!). I think he and I sometimes spend a little too much time together, as I notice he puts up a little fuss when I am not around - but I guess you can't blame him - we do spend 24-7 together. I think next month I am going to try and get out a bit more with him and also without him to help him ease the transition of being with other people.

This week I booked flights for us to go to Florida in April... and I am so excited. It will be our first family vacation together ... so for the next few months I will be preparing for that, and figuring out just how to travel with a 6 month old!

As per tradition, here is the results of 4-month photo shoot, and a few others taken during the last month.


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