Thursday, August 06, 2009

10 Months and Personality!

In the midst of summer vacation, my sweet baby boy surpassed the 10 month mark. E is now into double digits... and closing in on a year at lightning speed.

This past month we have hardly been at home... we are currently on the road in Michigan - and I am bringing you the 10 month update as best I can, in the short amount of time I have on free wi-fi!

At 10 months, E is changing daily. It really is crazy to see everything he is learning as each day passes. He has gone from the smiley happy baby, to a boy who is now learning he can express himself in ways other than just with a grin. Don't get me wrong, he is still fairly easy to please and happy most of the time - but we are now seeing a few signs of upset squeals when he doesn't get his way. His personality is emerging more than ever before, and it is interesting to see what things he likes and dislikes.

He is picking up speed on the crawling front. The best past time for him is rolling around Daddy's golf balls on the floors and then taking off on an adventure to get them. Just this past week in Grandma and Grandpa B's trailer E started to pull himself up certain things... it won't be long before he is standing unassisted.

Eating just keeps getting better and better for E. He has started on some crackers and finger foods... and loves to feed himself. We are slowly getting to 'real food' ... I am going to start him on yogurt, cheese, and toast in the next few weeks... so that should be fun.

E is still loving the swing... he could do it for hours on end if you would let him. He played in the sand for the first time two weeks ago, while we were at the cottage, and successfully ate his first mouth of sand. It wasn't long before he realized that is was disgusting stuff, but of course every boy has got to try it!

He also had his first ride in a boat at the cottage, got to go fishing with Daddy and Grandpa C for the first time... he loved it! I have pictures to document all of these firsts... but I will have to save them for another time.

For now... I have the results of the 10 month photo shoot. We weren't in the comfort of our own home for this one, but we made do. I especially like the first shot where you can see how much E has changed since his birth announcement. As well you will notice the many personalities of E that are emerging in these photos! He's too much when you bring out the camera!

Happy 10 months E... Mommy and Daddy love you!