Thursday, March 05, 2009

5 months... already!

Well... today my sweet boy is 5 months old! Hard to believe... (at least for me!). The last month has gone by so quickly... perhaps because it was the shortest month of the year, but also maybe because E and I are having so much together I don't notice the days flipping by on the calender.

This past month E seems to be getting more coordinated as each day passes. He has finally realized that his arm is attached to his wrist, which is attached to his hand, and that he has control over when and how he moves it. He is grabbing everything in his sight ... and with that hand/eye coordination comes the connection to his mouth. He swipes everything he sees straight into his mouth.

In the last month E has also mastered the roll from back to front. Before he was doing front to back, but now he's got the back to front going, so he is all over the place, especially when left to play in his crib.

He is also quite responsive to the sound of my voice... I love to call him from another room, and see him searching around to spot me!

E has also discovered cartoons... accidentally! I turned the TV one morning while I was getting dressed and hit the wrong channel which ended up being some kids cartoon - his eyes were glued to the screen for 10 minutes straight, he didn't look at me once. I think we have a TV buff on our hands whether we like it or not!

As the weather gets nicer now, I am hoping to get out more with E. I love to see his reactions to things that he has never encountered before... and the more we get out of the house, the more opportunity he will have to do this.

I can't wait.

As per usual, he are the results from his 5 month photo shoot!

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