Sunday, July 05, 2009

9 Months = BIG CHANGES!

I am pinching myself today because E is officially 9 months old. Next month he will be in double digits and double digits is almost to much bare right now.

It seems like I was just doing his 8 month post a week ago... the time between June and July has flown by for me.

In the last week we have had some MAJOR milestones for E in this household. He decided to sit up on his own (from lying on his belly to a sitting position) and to CRAWL all in the same day. I guess when it clicks, it really clicks for him. He put all of his coordination practice to use on Tuesday, June 30th ... and the last few days I feel like 'life as we know it will never be the same'.

This past month we left E in the hands of family and friends to attend some social functions. It was our first time leaving E over night... let alone on multiple occasions, but he behaved smashingly on each occasion. It is such a relief to return and hear that he did fine without us... it makes me want to plan a few more overnighters for PC and I... maybe even a week's worth - in the hot sun!

This month I have really noticed E and his Daddy have special special bond. E lights up at the site of PC... he is constantly laughing and giggling when they are playing together, and it melts my heart to see E look around frantically when he hears his Dad coming up or down the stairs here - its like he knows he's in the house, but is wondering where PC will appear! E even gets a little upset when PC leaves for work or golf, or golf. or golf. or golf!

E has mastered riding in the shopping cart... everywhere we go, its like a whole new experience in a cart. He feels as though he must touch EVERYTHING that enters the cart. Once he gives it his own stamp of approval, then we can proceed to the next item!

I have just finished up my MomMeFit classes for the summer, and I will miss it, as will E. He has made some friends there... and then there are few babies that probably won't miss him, like the little girl whose hair/hat he pulled and knock her down all at the same time, or the kid that stole his soother and E lost it on him! We do have to work on that 'your are not always going to be the centre of the universe' feeling... maybe something to strive for at 10 months!

Solids are progressing well. E is whopping 18 pounds now - no idea where that is on the holy graph, but I am sure he is fast tracking his way to the middle percentile! We are just starting meats... which E loves, yet I could vomit at the sight/smell of this stuff (yuck!). He really does not turn his nose up at ANYTHING. And this kid is NEVER full. He would eat and eat and eat if you let him! The excitement that arises when we get to the fruits has me thinking I have a baby with a real sweet tooth!

This month we are off to the North for a week to see Grandma & Grandpa B, and the to the cottage for two weeks with Grandma and Grandpa C... so by 10 months E will be well-traveled and have lots of stories to share, I am sure!

It wouldn't be a month-o-versary without a photo shoot... and this one was the trickiest yet! I had fork over my necklace to distract E from wanting to crawl everywhere... but we did manage to get a few decent photos to mark the occasion!

Here's looking at 9 months!

The name sign was something we picked up from a retailer called Loose Letters ... we bought all of the letters individually and unfinished... and then PC made a board for them to hang on. He painted the board, and the letters for E yesterday and we hung it up today. It was a pretty big event and is why E is looking up in most of the pictures as PC was hammering on the wall during much of the photo shoot (hey... we go with what works around here!).

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