Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A year in review

Its tradition around here to review the year via blog posts... and you know how much I love traditions, so this year will be no different!

2011 has been a fabulous year... a year I got spend with my boys at home being a Mom and only a Mom. I loved it so much so that I am dragging my feet into the New Year (but I know returning to work will remind me of my passions before I became a mother). I feel like 2011 was a blur and that's why I like to blog... to keep a quick memory of days gone by.

So let's review!

Things I've forgotten in two short years
Aww Sh#t
I remember when 30 was old

Baby Huddy
My LOVE for Keurig
A day on the Rideau Canal

Family photo that I love
You're in the right place
Three months: first quarter down
Packing lightly... with kids!

Mama Bear pushes back
Walking on sunshine
It's Easter

The royal wedding: where were you?
Not just any bowls
Love to my Mom
A little dose of tulips

Old MacDonald had a farm... (an Experimental one)!
New purchase... NOT a Mini van
Six months: Teeth, Fingers, Toes
Happy Father's Day... Dear Old Dad

Cottage Life
Its hot so why not paint!
It was a Wiggley good time

R & R

6 Years BABY

Emery: Age 3
Look at these kids!
Halloween Memories

Shop til you drop
Munchkin Music Graduation Day

2011: A visit with Santa (@Carlingwood Mall)
Hudson first birthday party: kinda a big deal
A letter to Hudson: Happy First Birthday
Baking Christmas Cookies
Have a holly jolly Christmas

There you have it.... 2011 was a good one at From the Desk of Sara! Thanks to all of my faithful readers and even my steady lurkers for stopping by every now and again.  I hope you enjoy your last night of 2011 and I wish each of you good health and happiness as 2012 greets us.


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