Friday, June 17, 2011

Six months: Teeth, Fingers, Toes!

We've reached the half way point in H's milestone first year... and I don't know whether to laugh or cry!  He is changing by the minute... and while I love to watch him grow and learn, I want to snap my fingers and stop time to just enjoy the ease of this baby phase.

H cracked his top four teeth last week, making his total tooth count six... for six months, no doubt!  He has been a bit fussier than usual, but nothing to really complain about! His fussiness consists of, a few extra 'look at me' whines and growls, but that's about it. 

In this last month... the fingers and toes have really become the toys of choice for soothing.  This boy is not completely in his element unless he's sucking his two middle fingers on his left hand or maneuvering his big toe to his mouth (a skill any adult is completely jealous of)!

Just last week, H took his first real road trip (to the tune of 8.5 hours in a car) to see Grandma and Grandpa B! He was a trooper... and thanks some entertainment in the backseat from his big bro, he was all smiles and snoozes for about 8 hours and 10 minutes of the trip (if only they lived in Blind River instead of Thessalon)!

I am still enjoying the simplicity of bottling feeding, and H is starting to pack on the pounds a little more rapidly than before (he weighs 14lbs 8oz at his six month check-up).  We are so close to starting solids, but he's still sleeping well, and not demanding anything extra, so I am willing to hold off another week or two before we introduce some rice cereal.

As I look at the calendar, the upcoming three months are jammed packed with family fun! I can't wait to see H experience his first summer with our extended families, and to just soak up some fun in the sun with my boys!

As tradition dictates... here are the results of H's 6 month photo shoot... which we decided to take outdoors as it was 30 degrees and rising on his six month b-day!  As you will see... curiosity about the outdoors was a bit more attracting than Mommy dancing around like a monkey with a camera! Oh well... I tried!

Happy six months Hudson... your sweet sweet face and the sound of your giggles make life so much fun! I love you baby boy!

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