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New purchase... NOT a Mini Van!

Over the last few months, PC and I have been doing our homework on the next big purchase... a new family vehicle.  It was an exhausting search... for both of us. I was concerned about the looks, gadgets, and overall vehicle technology, while PC was concerned about the guts of the vehicle, gas mileage, and cargo room. We had different agendas but managed to settle on one that we both liked and can live with for the next 6 to 8 years! One thing we were definite about is: NO MINIVAN.

Now, I know minivan-ers across the world are reading this and probably saying... you were anti-swagger wagon owners too until you actually purchased one, and that it was hands down the most practical vehicle you've ever owned... but for some reason, PC and I were not willing to go the minivan route.

I kinda think it has A LOT to do with aging... we are in our early thirties (let me emphasize 'early')... and something about a minivan screams 35 plus to me, and I am NOT 35.  I somehow think that the purchase of a minivan would catapult me into a mid-life crisis or even worse, more grey hair! Now... that being said, I have dear friends who are minivan owners, who are not 35 plus, and some that are - and this isn't about shaming them, its just a personal thing I have in my head that I don't see myself in a minivan, and thankfully PC was in the same mind space. 

Deep down, I know how practical vans are ... but on the surface, I feel much more ME driving some sort of an SUV/Crossover.

I absolutely loved my Ford Escape... and if cargo room and seating capacity were not a factor, I would have bought another Escape in a heartbeat.  I love the size of them, the drive, and the flexibility, but once you load in two boys, and their gear, and a 6 foot 2 inch, broad shouldered husband, it gets a little cramped!

I have always been a bit of stubborn two-year old when it comes to vehicles... my parents can definitely attest to that. In public school, we owned a GMC Suburban - which I thought looked like a bus when I was 12, and I would have rather walked home in the pouring rain than be picked up in the suburban.  These days, I think surburbans are awesome, but 20 years ago - not so much.

There was also the great car debate of 1997... when my parents were in the market for a new vehicle and wanted to purchase a Buick Regal. This would be the only vehicle I would be allowed to drive and internally I was dying when my Dad brought it home for a test drive.  It was a grandma car in my (out of whack, teenaged daughter type of) opinion and all I could think was... "I'm suppose to roll up to high school in this? Are you kidding me?".  I turned on the father/daughter charm and talked my 6 foot 4 inch Dad into a mid-size Grand AM.  Still to this day, I feel a little selfish about it all, but after seeing how many clicks I racked up on that car, I'm pretty sure my parents were glad they didn't invest in the Buick Regal!

Fast-forward to graduating University... I was still in love with the Grand AM, but not the practical four-door version, the impractical, bang your head off the roof, can't reach the seat beat from the driver's seat, type of impractical TWO DOOR.  It was cool... it was used, and I was in love. The only thing good about that car was... the extended warranty on it, because everything and its dawg went on it! But ... it was snazzy looking (and believe it or not, PC owned a Grand AM too, so when we met, it was one of those points you tell your friends about - "and ... get this, he's drives a Grand AM' - LOVE")!!

All this to say... I've had my fair share of experiences with what I like and don't like... but I've also hit my head on the roof enough times to know what is practical and necessary in owning a vehicle long term and what options are just a waste of money.

So without furhter ado... here is our newest addition - not a minivan, but our new crossover, the 2011 GMC Acadia!

I hope to have this baby in our family for a while, and that she'll bring us nothing but good family memories for many years to come!!

Now... you know my unimportant thoughts on minivans ... but what are yours? Yay or nay?
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