Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's hot, so why not paint!

It has been nothing but stifling hot for the past week and a bit... and its hard to be outside enjoying the sun when it is in fact this hot, but I thought, what better way to celebrate the heat than by painting my front door and garage door (which gets shade on it about 75% of the day)!

I had 'paint the front door' on my to-do list since last year... as it was full of scuff marks from PC and his hockey bag, and me and my winter boots kicking the door with my hands full of either A. children, or B. shopping bags! Either way, it needed to be done.

I started out just going to freshen up the white on the front door, but while at my local RONA, the sales girl said, white front doors are not meant to be used! She said its a job that has to be done every year (touching up the paint), so then I got thinking a darker front door would mean less overall maintenance... so I picked a few paint swatches, came home, primed the front door white, and then that evening returned and got a big can of Bistro brown!

Turns out... to paint outside, you need it to be above 10 degrees at night for the paint to set properly... so really this is the only time of year to do it.  And since we are busy most of August, I thought why not get it done and over with now while I have the time NOW!

So without further ado... here are the fruits of my labour (and PC's too - who I might add was reluctant about the idea of it, but did help me with the garage door... and has come to love it just as much as I do)!



Once I got this little jobby done, I then decided to do the door inside the garage and then freshen up the white on the backs of the doors too. Its been a few full days of painting doors, but I am pleased with the results. And its has just inspired me to paint all the doors in the house, and touch up the scuff marks in the trim around the house (after vacation).

I didn't think this heat was bothering me at all, but now I can see it may have created a painting monster!

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