Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Emery: Age 3

My sweet sweet Emery.

Today you are THREE.

I sit here in amazement that I am now a Mommy to a three year old. 

You are such a big boy in comparison to just one year ago.

You have gone from a babbling toddler boy, to Mr. Independent... doing a lots of things for yourself, talking in full sentences and carrying on adult-like conversations. In fact just the other day you started with "Mommy, can you do me a favour?"

You are a true Canadian, as you finish most sentences with 'eh'... 'eh Mommy, eh Daddy, eh eh eh'!! I love our conversations, and over the last year, since I've been at home, I have cherished all of the extra time I have had with you.

This past year your Dad and I have witnessed big changes in you. A big success since last year is that you are FULLY potty-trained. You went from diapers, to night-time pull-ups in February, and by April you were in full blown underwear 24/7. We've taken long car trips, plane rides and you have the bathroom routine down to a science.

Around two and a half, you gave up your afternoon nap... and at first, I thought it was too early, but you really are an even-tempered boy who loves to go, go, go, and rarely gives into a nap unless its in the car.

Not too long after you turned two... you learned all of your colours, and you now are counting to lucky number thirteen, and can sing the ABC song very proudly. You started a new preschool program called Munchkin Music and are having so much fun learning new songs.  You also love to hear lots of Mommy and Daddy's country music... like Keith (Urban) and Zac (Brown Band).  We have a lot of dance parties around here... but the older you get the more you say 'stop dancing like that Mommy'! You crack me up all the time - and your dance moves are destine for fame!

At 34 lbs, and 38 inches, you are an ever-growing boy.  We had to you CHEO to see the kidney specialist in April and you got good news that your bad kidney is shrinking up and your healthy kidney has doubled in size.  We were happy to get the news that you are doing great and are a healthy happy boy.

Since your last birthday, you have also become a big brother, and are truly a very loving big bro.  Hudson is lucky to have such a fun brother to play with him, and someone who is always looking out for him.  Each morning when Hudson wakes up you are eager to go in his room and wish him a 'good morning'. You two have such a great bond, and I can't wait for the years ahead.

You started skating just a few weeks ago, and although you are the youngest boy there, you are doing great.  You love playing outside - you still love cutting the grass and using the tipper-tipper (whipper-sniper!!) with Daddy.  This summer you watched Mommy and Daddy play baseball and are now practicing for the big leagues!

You love going to the park... and riding your bike(s). You still can't stop talking about all of the fun you had camping this summer, and at the cottage with your friends.  You also enjoy visiting Uncle Scott's sugar shack (Sand Road Maple Farm) with Grandma and Grandpa C and Daddy, and talking to Grandma and Grandpa B on Skype.  You have discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and requested that theme for your third birthday party.  You also love the Wiggles, Cailou, Backyardigans, and most recently, Imagination Movers.

There are so many moments from this past year that I have captured in my mind and will store forever. I wish I could stall time just a little to cherish you as you are today.  You are a sweet little boy, who is considerate, thoughtful, and caring, and brings out the best in people. I am proud you are a part of me... and I can't  wait for the many adventures we will have together enroute to turning 4.

Happy Happy Birthday my big boy... I hope all of your birthday wishes come true.

Lots of love today, and always.


Photo taken by: Baby & Belly Photography

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