Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Royal Wedding... where were you?

I kinda think all of the hype of the Royal Wedding was worth it. I mean... yes, the lead up to it seem like FOREVER from a media perspective, but at the same time I got chills watching Kate step out of the limo, her marathon walk down the aisle, when they said their vows, their carriage ride as husband and wife, and of course the first PDA on the balcony. I thought it was all very 'royal'... but yet romantic too. I was especially thrilled to see just how happy Kate looked... she looked beau.ti.ful. and very deserving of a Prince!

It's one of those things that will be talked about for years and years to come... and I am so happy that I got to watch it live.  I had actually planned to PVR it and watch it while feeding H that morning, but instead E must have wanted to see it LIVE, as he woke me up at 5:45 am (unheard of for him)... and we tuned it just in time to see Kate arriving.

E original was asking to put Dora on... but when the music started for processional he was glued to the tv, and then post-ceremony, the horses sucked him and kept his attention for another half hour! It was fantastic!

By the time my morning coffee kicked in... I thought to snap a few pics of E watching it. H on the other hand slept right through the whole thing and didn't wake up until he heard intro music for Ellen! What a boy!

Where were you when the Royal couple was saying 'I do'... ?

This is E saluting like Prince William did in the carriage a bizillion times... although he looks like he's ready for a nap - either that or his interview with the Queen isn't going as planned!

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Alicia said...

Cute! We really enjoyed watching it too!

Darcy said...

I was flipping throught the channels wondering why everyone cares about 2 people they don't know getting married. When I saw it was on everywhere I then began hoping they divorce in 2 years. That I'll watch

christa d. said...

Love it! I watched it with my four- and two-year-old during breakfast on Friday. I was surprised at how entranced they were by the images of a real-life prince and princess, and the horses were a hit at our place too! I was so glad I got to experience a bit of it with my kids, I'll never forget it.