Sunday, May 08, 2011

Love to my Mom!

I've heard others say that you can't truly appreciate your Mother until you have children of your own... and I have to say, I couldn't agree more.

I've always had respect for my mother... (okay... maybe not grades 9 through and 12, but other than that small hiatus, I think I can still use the word always!), she is patient, caring, realistic, generous, and supportive. Since having my own children, my respect for her has been catapulted to a whole new level.

When I was younger, my Mom made sure I had everything I needed... good meals, proper clothing, friends, toys, and even things I didn't need like rollerblades, Doc Martins, and that purple bike! But, she didn't just hand these things over, she discussed the necessary decisions with my father, and whether I had to earn it, or save up enough of my own money, I can see that what she was doing was teaching me the value of a dollar, and the cost of hard work.

Now... with my boys, I want to instill the same values she taught to me, to them... and I think that if I can do half of what my Mom has done for me, I will consider myself lucky - and my boys too!

Thanks Mom for always being there for me... you know when to push and when give me my own space, and I am so glad to have a great friend in you.  You are wonderful role model to have in my life... and my boys are so lucky to have you in their lives.  I love you!

Happy Mother's Day... to my Mom (and all of the great Mom's out there)!

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