Sunday, February 06, 2011

My LOVE for Keurig

It's February, so maybe I am feeling overly lovey this month, but whatever the case is and I am in total undeniable passionate love with my Cuisinart Keurig brewing system.

I have had the Keurig system since September (PC surprised me with it as a gift for our anniversary), and I have to say at first, I didn't know if we really needed it. I had seen and tried other Keurig brewers and thought they were neat, but didn't think it was something for us.  But, today, if I came home and my house was robbed, I think the first thing I would ask is 'did they take my Keurig?'.

Since I've been off on maternity leave (November), I have used my Keurig everyday and each day as I finish my cup of coffee, I take the last sip and announce 'that was good' *sigh*.  It is truly one of the things I look forward to in the morning (next to the smiley faces of my sweet boys).

This is in no way a paid endorsement of any type, but there are some pretty great features about my Keurig....
  • it makes great tasting coffee EVERY TIME
  • there is absolutely NO MESS
  • There are so many different kinds of coffee to choose from... you can match your mood easily.
  • It allows me to drink decaf, and PC regular coffee within the blink of eye
  • When I am in a hurry, one touch of a button and in less than a minute I'm ready to go with my hot cup of coffee.
I use to be one of Tim Horton's top customers here in Embrun, PC and I were always making a TIm's run on the weekends... but lately, while we still enjoy the timbits and the odd cup of chili, we aren't going there nearly as much as before we had the Keurig. The couple times that I have had a decaf double double from Tim's I have been disappointed, because my Green Mountain French Vanilla decaf taste ten times better.

I have also been using this particular machine just for a shot of hot water to warm H's bottles.  I only need 6 ozs of hot water, so I just select that cup size, hit the hot water button, and I'm in business. Its been super handy for that.

I'll admit, I've become a bit of a K-cup whore when it comes to brands and kinds. At first we were drinking some Van Houte coffee, but then we discovered Green Mountain coffee, and while PC's go-to is the Nantucket Blend, I love the French Vanilla decaf, but also have a deep appreciation for their Pumpkin Spice, Carmel Vanilla Creme, and the Half Calf.  We recently just picked up a box of Green Mountain Apple Cider (which is so yummy on a cold winter day) and the Timothy's White Hot Chocolate which I am also in LOVE with, not to mention the Timothy's Chai Tea.

There are a gazillion flavours and brands ... and I love going to Tweed & Hickory here in Ottawa where you can buy the individual k-cups and try out as many flavours as you want. It's like the Pop Shoppe of coffee!

All around, if your one of those people who has been thinking about getting a Keurig, I can honestly say, I don't think you will be disappointed.  If you are the only coffee person in the house, then the Keurig is for you, because no one likes to brew a pot of coffee for just one or two cups and then have to clean up the mess after. If you want, no fuss, no muss... this machine will answer your prayers!

I know I am not the only K-cup Keurig lover out there... are any of you madly in love with your Keurig machines, or secretly wishing someone would surprise you with one as a gift?  Valentine's day is just around the corner for anyone looking for gift ideas for their love ones!

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