Friday, December 16, 2011

A letter to Hudson: Happy First Birthday Sweet Boy!

 Today, my sweet boy, you are one.

A year ago today, we were up bright and early heading to the hospital for an induction, only to have to wait 12 hours (in addition to the previous 11 days) for your arrival.  But... you were well worth the wait. You actually surprised us by making us think your birthday was going to be the 17th of December, but then deciding in a flash that you were making the 16th!

And here we are a year later... I could not imagine my life without you. And I could not imagine our family without you in it. You were the missing piece of the puzzle, and now we are complete, because of you!

I am still amazed at how we function as a family of four. You are such a good little boy, a happy baby, and a boy that knows what you want! At 21 lbs, you wake up with a smile every morning, and you go to bed at night just the same.  You sleep like a rock, and you have given Mommy an easy go during her time off with you (some might say too easy)!

You and your brother have a budding friendship. He entertains you to no end, and he is teaching you many things. He has been so generous in sharing his things with you, and you've done the same in return, but I have a feeling as you both grow older your generous ways may tighten up just a little!

Over the last year you have taught me so many things about myself. I can hardly believe that last year at this time I was terrified to be left alone with you and your big brother, but now, I absolutely adore the time we have together, just us.  I can't wait for you to grow... and for you and your brother to do boys things together, and for our family to experience all things Canadian.

I rocked you before bed last night and I was clinging to you as I feel your baby days are quickly fading. You are becoming more independent each day, not yet walking, but eager and persistent at trying to pull yourself up on every piece of unstable furniture we own.  You have the army crawl down to a science, and are always running time trials to see how quickly you can disappear on us when we turn our back for a second. 

Your favorite things to do right now are roll a ball and chase it, play with the dirty broom, or crawl around with a hockey stick in tow! You also love to play peek-a-boo and watch your big brother bust a move.

You are babbling up a storm... and while we can't quite make out the words you are saying just yet (beyond Ma-Ma and Da-Da), you definitely have a persistence about you, ensuring we understand you.  Your pointer finger is always in action whether it be at your brother, a specific food you want, a cup, a light fixture or a car on the road. You love to point and you make sure we get the point before you put that finger down!

You are a good eater, and are quickly discovering that finger foods are the way to go. You no longer like to be served your meal, but rather love the self-serve option. You still like to let us know your finished eating by dramatically throwing your food on the floor and giggling yourself into hysterics when we tell you not to do that.

And that laugh... it is the highlight of my days! You got that gene from your Daddy, but you are sure making it your own. You love to giggle and your laugh is infectious to those around you.  When you get going, you get an extra twinkle in your eye which surely means you are destine for mischief but that's okay (for now) as we know you are discovering the world and learning about life.

I am so thankful for the special year we have spent together.  You have made me realize that being a mother is a big deal, and it is a gift to have not only one but two special boys in my life.  I love you to pieces little man, and I want you to know that no matter what, Daddy and I will always be here for you - to love you, guide you, protect you, and support you in everything you do.

You are our special little boy Hudson, and on your first birthday you are loved more than any words could express.  I wish for you a year of health and happiness in all the new adventures your second year will bring.

I love you today and always.


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