Sunday, February 13, 2011

A day on the Rideau Canal

I have been wanting to get to the canal for weeks now (before the Winterlude rush), but it seems either the weather is poor, someone is sick, or PC has hockey. While I was to be away curling this weekend, that didn't happen, so I immediately got the idea to head to the canal.  The forecast was calling for snow but I didn't care... we were doing it, Winterlude madness n' all.

It doesn't matter how prepared I am the night before, getting out of the house with two kids and a hung-over husband takes FOREVER.  I wanted to be gone by 10 am, and I had told PC (who was out the night before) that at 9 am he should be packing the truck, so I could feed H and then we'd be out the door for 10. He agreed to the plan, so the night before I had packed snacks, blankets, extra mitts, skates, etc. so that really all he would have to do is load the truck, load the kids, and the bike trailer.  But of course, nothing ever goes according to MY plan.

Both E and H slept in later than I anticipated, so we were behind before we even started the day... and PC did get the bike trailer out around 9, but had to put air in the tires and then assemble it to see if we could in fact fit the car seat in it, or if we would have to take the stroller for H.  That was a 45 minute venture I did not anticipate... so needless to say once I fed H, we still were packing the truck (not PC's fault, but just a time consumer).

In the middle of it all PC called his dad to see if he wanted to join us, and once he found his skates, and dusted them off, he agreed to come.  He was a huge help in getting us on and off the canal with both kiddies... and much to my delight, we had a photographer with us too!

Although we didn't leave the house until 11:37 (E had to have something to eat, H decided to poop, spit-up, the works), we were off and running before noon and it was just in time for the snow to clear and the sun to shine.  We seriously, could not have picked a better afternoon for the skate.  Little wind, and just an all around beautiful winter day. 

E wasn't too big on skating in the very crowded canal, but loved the ride in the bike trailer as it was enclosed and warm - and he didn't have to wear his mitts (major issue with the mitts all. the. time.), H was asleep and loving the fresh air, only made a peep here and there when we stopped for some photos and then a snack.  He was the best little boy on the canal (IMHO).

We had beavertails and hot chocolate, and skated close to 5 km. An all around GREAT family day with very well behaved boys! It's amazing what a little fresh air can do for everyone's mood.  SO HAPPY!

Here a few pics from our fun afternoon... to see the whole album I posted to Facebook, go here.

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