Friday, July 29, 2011

It's was a Wiggley good time!

Tuesday night was a big night for us... or I should say... for E, as we've had tickets to The Wiggles for months now, and he's been counting down the sleeps until he got to go to the show.  E was super excited to go to 'Ot-ta-wa' to see the famous Wiggle quartet... and they did not disappoint. For a $15 ticket... I'd say we got our monies worth and then some! E LOVED the music, the crowd, and all of the dancing along to his favourite Wiggley tunes! H enjoyed the show too (when he wasn't snoozing), and I think in a year or so - he'll be a big Wiggles fan too!

The only downfall for PC and I is that since Tuesday night we've been singing 'Hot potato hot potato'... and 'Choo-Choo Chugga-Chugga big red car... we travel near and we travel far'!!  Oh well... it was definitely worth it to see the look on E's face when the show began and with the introduction of each Wiggle and WIggley friend! 

Of course, we couldn't escape Scotiabank Place without some Wiggles souvenirs... well, we could if it was just PC taking E, as he was not into the 'pay through the nose' pricing, but E set his eyes on a 'Wags the Dog' hat ... and while we tried to sway him into something a bit cheaper, his heart was set on it. And, I have to say, he truly hearts it (and he should for twenty bucks)!  I also picked up a Wiggles book too... for another twenty bucks, as that's putting money into educational value, but that's a whole other blog!

All in all, if you have an opportunity to take your young kids to see The Wiggles, I highly recommend it! The show was an hour and a half... it started right on time, and was just long enough that kids weren't overtired or bored. We chose seats in the front row of the middle bowl at Scotiabank as I was afraid E might be a little overwhelmed if we were too close, but  any seat in the house would have been great! E loved the show and if your kids like The Wiggles, they will not be disappointed.

Overall.. two thumbs up for The Wiggles!

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