Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Munchkin Music Graduation Day

For the past few months, E has been participating in a little preschool program here in our small town of Embrun. The first phase of the program is called Munchkin Music and teaches the preschoolers all about the different instruments, musical sounds, and a variety of fun songs.

E has really enjoyed the program. He is always hesitant to go, but once he is there he really enjoys himself and is pretty proud of all of the crafts he has brought home. The teachers that work with the group are very energetic and really make it easy for the kids to enjoy themselves away from their parents.

Over the last 12 weeks the group has been preparing for Graduation Day (E always says 'its my celebration' instead of 'graduation'), which consisted of a little concert of all the songs they've learned - a special performance for the parents. I wasn't sure how E would react to the crowd, but he didn't miss a beat, he sang all of his songs proudly for the audience, and was very happy when he recieved his diploma.

PC, Hudson, and I attended the 'celebration' and we were very proud of our little man! Thanks to Miss Catherine and Miss Nathalie for a great little program! Can't wait for the second session which starts after Christmas.

Here a few pictures from the graduation, and a little video from part of the ceremony!

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